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Lavior™ supercharged hydrogel helps to heal all type of wounds, with a transversal approach to their treatment.

Lavior has developed an FDA, ADA-endorsed, medical device and OTC wound/skin care product line based on molecular isolates extracted from our genetically developed novel species of medicinal plant(s) called AGS-RIED – The treatments are natural, physician-approved and NOT tested on animals.

Wound healing benefits of the Lavior™ supercharged hydrogel technology:

  • Increases efficiency of the body’s natural wound-healing mechanisms by enhancing migration of
  • wound-healing cytokines and mediators – wounds heal best in a slightly moist environment
  • Optimizes autolytic debridement to remove dead/necrotic tissue
  • Acts as an antiseptic– kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi
  • Prevents wounds from becoming stalled in the chronic inflammatory phase of wound healing by inhibiting and down-regulating a variety of inflammatory mediators – anti-inflammatory
  • Exhibits antioxidant activity, therefore protecting healthy cells from oxidative stress associated with oxygen-poor wound environment.
  • Increases blood flow into wound bed by stimulating vasodilation, which aids in oxygen, nutrient, and WBC delivery (infection-fighting cells) into the wound bed, which further stimulates healing
  • Often effective in achieving wound regression (stimulating healing) in wounds that have failed conservative treatment and standard-of-care practices by competing products.


We suggest to use a saline solution. Pour the saline over the wound and rinse thoroughly. To avoid disturbing the wound bed, do not scrub the wound aggressively. Gently blot dry the excess saline with a clean gauze or cloth.


Following wound cleansing, apply Lavior™ supercharged hydrogel onto the wound bed directly or onto the contact layer dressing/gauze, with even coverage approximately 2mm thick across the wound bed.


Following the application of Lavior™ supercharged hydrogel, cover with a non-stick bandage or secondary dressing of choice.

Lavior™ supercharged hydrogel helps to heal all type of wounds, with a transversal approach to their treatment. Different wounds can be treated with the same protocols, in order to trigger immune healing responses, bringing wounds to closure. Once we bring wounds to closure, Lavior™ supercharged hydrogel provides preventive care to block the proliferation of wounds, as the patient is affected by systemic factors like diabetes or immunodeficiency and will always be prone to develop wounds.

Medicare reimbursement and coding: HCPCS codes A6248 & A6250.