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ActivExxo-Protect® is a 3-D printed, custom fitted protective medical device for casting and splinting.

ActivExxo-Protect® is FDA-registered, waterproof, breathable, hygienic and applicable to all upper and lower body injuries. This modern casting solution replaces outdated fiberglass and plaster, giving injured patients a better option for protective immobilization. Upon presentation of the injury, patients will have a handheld, high-resolution, 3-D scan done on the injured area. The ActivExxo-Protect® cast is then printed using high-impact plastic filaments on professional-grade 3D medical printing devices. They are then quickly delivered either to the clinician or to the patient directly.

The unique exterior “web” design maximizes protection, mobility and comfort. The apertures are able to be moved on the initial scan to accommodate for post-surgical incisions and offset for wounds and compromised skin. This allows the ActivExxo-Protect® device to be the preferred casting used by orthopedists, podiatrists and athletic trainers across the U.S. From sports injuries to general immobilization to diabetic walking boots, ActivExxo-Protect® is the future of protective injury casting.