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ActivExxo-Protect® walking boots can be printed and delivered anywhere in the U.S. in 1-4 business days.

ActivExxo-Protect® walking boots are 3-D printed, custom fitted protective walking boots for wound and diabetic patients as an alternative to ill-fitted and uncomfortable standard of care boots. They are FDA-registered, waterproof, breathable, hygienic and applicable to all lower extremity needs. This modern casting solution replaces outdated cloth and non-custom plastic products, giving injured patients a better option for protective immobilization.

The latest clinical studies suggest that less than 2% of diabetics who require walking boots use them effectively or at all. The major reason? Discomfort. Diabetic patients may experience a number of problems when wearing traditional walking boots, including foot breakdown, open sores, incorrect healing and slowed healing. This will manifest into reducing mobility, which, in turn, exacerbates obesity and a cascade of comorbidities.

ActivExxo-Protect® Therapeutic and Modality Advantages

  • Waterproof – Shower and bathe normally
  • Breathable – Observe, clean and treat skin or wounds easily
  • Adjustable – Accommodates swelling/atrophy, extended and temporary attachment
  • Hygienic – Does not retain pathogens, moisture, or odor and reduces skin irritation
  • Offloaded Wound – Apertures specifically placed to offload pressure from diabetic ulcers and wounds
  • Promotes Healing
  • Charcot Foot – Custom design and accommodation for swelling critical for Charcot patients

The unique exterior “web” design maximizes protection, mobility and comfort. The apertures are able to be moved on the initial scan to accommodate for post-surgical incisions and offset for wounds and compromised skin. This allows the ActivExxo-Protect® walking boots to be the preferred walking boot solution for wound specialists, podiatrists, and athletic trainers across the U.S. From sports injuries to general immobilization to diabetic walking boots, ActivExxo-Protect® is the future of protective injury casting.

Casts come in two categories depending on device: locked or hingeable. Hingeable is provided for those instances where swelling post-injury is a consideration. Scanning is done on site in the clinic, and Hark Health Services provides free training to staff. Images are delivered cloud-based to our engineering department for conversion. Devices are manufactured in local print “epicenters”. Delivery time is dependent on epicenter location, but ActivExxo-Protect® walking boots can be printed and delivered anywhere in the U.S. in 1-4 business days.