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ActivExxo-Prevent® is a 3-D printed, custom fitted medical device to prevent sports, work-related and general injuries.

ActivExxo-Prevent® is FDA-registered, waterproof, breathable, hygienic and applicable to all parts of the body. Consistent with ActivExxo production, preventive devices are created with a handheld, high-resolution, 3-D scan done of the targeted body part. ActivExxo-Prevent® is then printed using high-impact plastic filaments on professional-grade 3-D medical printing devices. They are then quickly delivered either to the clinician or to the patient directly.

The custom ActivExxo-Prevent® devices cover a specific area of the body, printed in different thicknesses and customization per the need. This allows for never-before-available, custom-fitted and molded 3-D printed protective pieces. This is applicable for all sports, recreational activities and work-related exposure.

While we maintain a catalog of available products, Hark Health Services welcomes any new and unique needs that you may have. We will do our best to accommodate.