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Targeted reach in the healthcare marketplace

Healthcare marketing is a complex landscape, having now been influenced by restricted post-pandemic access to decision makers, new product/therapy considerations, regulations that are even more restrictive in allowable claims, and a myriad of changes to how customers know about, make decisions about, and buy medical products and therapy services.

Healthcare Marketing

Hark Health Services has over 35 years of marketing and advertising experience across multiple commercial, consumer, and healthcare channels. We specialize in an omnichannel approach with targeted reach, smart messaging, creative customer engagement, and market analysis metrics that result in one thing: sales.

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Starting with relevant research, Hark Health Services engages proven and reliable specialists to not throw darts at a dartboard, but engage relevant research protocols and data deliverables. This feeds messaging created by actual copywriters who know how to write. All great marketing and advertising start with the word. Next is an omnichannel approach to review all media options. This takes painstaking effort to not only be aware of what’s available in targeted geographic areas, but also spend, frequency, creative design, and measurable results. More good products die with bad marketing than any other factor.

All of these processes use the latest in technology, procedure, AI, and resources available for the most accurate information critical for making the right decisions of action, including asking the right questions, deciding how to get to our customers, what to say to them, what to charge, and how to keep them coming back. Hark Health Services has the experience to deliver the right answers.


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