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Innovative Medical Technologies

Hark Health Services is a comprehensive medical business development company providing a mosaic of services that advance market adoption of the latest innovative medical technologies. Those services include clinical trials, marketing, manufacturing, distribution and sales nationally and internationally. We assist with each or all of these components at start-up, market launch or late-stage development.

Our tenured Hark Health team of C-Suite executives, research partners, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and extensive sales broker networks guarantee the desired results. These efforts ultimately resulting in the best healthcare products and services for patients, consumers and standards of care demanded by hospital systems and healthcare providers.


Services We Offer

Hark Health Services has a thirty-year commercial and medical background in research and development, clinical trials, marketing, manufacturing, distribution and sales. Working in dozens of industries, multiple medical disciplines and with the highest levels of C-Suite executives, vendors and national distributors, we bring to the table the very best in personnel, latest technologies, systems and procedures to achieve everyone’s strategic goals. Our abilities allow us to assist in national markets such as sports medicine, orthopedics, diabetic diagnostics, and infection preventive biologics, only naming a few. Our national contacts and network are a testament to working together as a team of professionals helping you advance your product or service.


Product & Service R&D

Collaboration with the most reliable, secure and relevant laboratories, formulation and research institutions.

Clinical Trial Validation

HHS is Empirical to IRB level trial partners to this country’s leading research and teaching institutions, such as Duke, UNC Vascular, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and Stanford, to name a few.

Manufacturing & Distribution

We have over 100 years of combined experience with domestic and international manufacturing processes and procedures, as well as over thirty years of developed and maintained distribution networks. 

Marketing & Sales

Omnichannel approach to market strategy and implementation with reach into B2B and B2C sectors. Tenured broker and distributor networks with deep customer bases.

Why Choose Us?

  • Passion – Hark Health Services is passionate about bringing best-in-class products and services to market to help people’s quality of life, provide a superior clinic offering and realize profitability for all involved.
  • Experience – Nothing replaces having done it before. Our personnel have learned over decades and apply those lessons to give as close to a guarantee for success as you can get.
  • Risk – Hark Health does not shy away from the unproven. We believe in pushing the boundaries and doing the hard work to gain traction, but at the same time, not throwing darts at a dart board. Targeted, intelligent effort risking the resistance all new products and services face.
  • Creativity – The good old way isn’t the only way. It is often times just that—old. We are open minded to new paths and techniques with a keen recollection of what has worked in the past. We are creative in combining the two to get the one thing we all want: results.





Let’s take your healthcare product to the next level.